General Murder Mystery Bath Article

Murder Mystery Bath

Bath is another very popular destination for 1st Call Murder Mystery to perform their wildly popular Murder mystery bath. Legend is that Bath was founded in 860 BC when Prince Bladud, father of King Lear, caught leprosy. He was banned from the court and was forced to look after pigs. … read more

General Murder Mystery Bristol Article

Bristol has become one of the most popular city’s for 1st call murder mystery to perform. Bristol began life as a village called Brigg stow, which means the meeting place at the bridge in the old Saxon language. At some point a wooden bridge was erected across the Avon. (Avon … read more

Safe Bet Murder Mystery Gloucester

Murder Mystery Gloucester

A Safe Bet Murder Mystery Gloucester 1st call murder mystery were on a “winning formula ” recently when they performed their interactive murder mystery for a corporate client at a popular hotel in Gloucester. The client wanted a fun and innovative entertainment to follow their day at the famous, Cheltenham gold … read more