Murder Mystery Mayhem at the Bristol Hippodrome


1st Call Murder Mystery presented more murder mystery and mayhem this weekend at the Hippodrome’s every popular Piano Bar and Bistro. Guests were transported back in time to June 1953 to celebrate the new young queen (Queen Elizabeth 11)coronation ! The near forgotten village of Prinkton- on- Sea held a special parish … read more

General Murder Mystery Nights Swindon article

General Murder Mystery Nights Swindon article Swindon is a highly recommended location for 1st call murder mystery to perform their Murder Mystery Nights Swindon as it offers a wealth of great venues, in particular it has some fabulous hotels that are ideal for presenting a murder mystery dinner. Hotels to suit … read more

General Murder Mystery Bath Article

Murder Mystery Bath

Bath is another very popular destination for 1st Call Murder Mystery to perform their wildly popular Murder mystery bath. Legend is that Bath was founded in 860 BC when Prince Bladud, father of King Lear, caught leprosy. He was banned from the court and was forced to look after pigs. … read more