Spy Murder Mystery hire Bath

Spy Murder Mystery hire Bath

Delicious Menu of Murder in Bath Last weekend 1st call murder mystery returned to one of it’s most popular and requested locations in the South West for murder mystery, Bath. This time it was to perform it’s exciting 1960’s murder mystery “spy scenario” for a group of ladies celebrating a special… read more

Murder Mystery books launched!

Murder Mystery Books The applause dies away and the cast take their leave from the room. Another hugely successful performance from Murder by Design – First Call Entertainment has ended. PC Bailey, the bumbling, yet charming, Devonian copper has, once again, just about, managed to piece together the clues and… read more

Murder Mystery Bristol Hippodrome

Murder Mystery Bristol Hippodrome

Curtain up on the Hippodrome’s best-kept secret! – Murder Mystery Bristol Hippodrome Not wanting to rest on their laurels as the premiere theatre in the Southwest, the Bristol Hippodrome has added something new to its repertoire this season. Now while you relax for a drink in the popular ‘Hanover Street… read more

Bristol Murder Mystery nights

Bristol Murder Mystery nights Bristol has a long and interesting history dating back to Anglo-Saxon times, when a settlement grew up between the Rivers Avon and Frome, known as Brigstowe (a place of settlement by the bridge). The settlement grew as trading with Ireland and the ports of South Wales… read more

Somerset Murder Mystery

Somerset Murder Mystery

Four funerals and a bride, a Somerset Murder Mystery! Oh dear, the Bride looked so forlorn, it was her big day after all but, the Bridegroom is looking very poorly, her father has gone off on ‘important business’ and missed the ceremony altogether and now her bridesmaid has gone missing.… read more

Grand Murder Mystery Weston-super-Mare Pier

grand murder mystery-weston-pier

Grand Murder Mystery Weston Pier, Somerset There’s a crazed gravedigger on the loose and he isn’t the only person to worry about as the latest plot unfolds to warm applause on the Grand Pier here at Weston super Mare. There’s plenty of live action mixed with plenty of laughs and… read more

Marvelous Murder Mystery on ss Great Britain, Bristol

marvelous murder mystery

All aboard for the Wedding of the Year & A Marvelous Murder Mystery! Wedding Bells tolled aboard Brunel’s masterpiece the ss Great Britain in Bristol at the start of this weekend but it wasn’t plain sailing for the best man or a number of other guests who found this was… read more

Celtic Murder mystery at Newport Manor

Celtic Murder mystery

The Spy who came in at the Celtic! A new Celtic Murder mystery A Celtic Murder mystery occured at a Manor in Newport which played host to our energetic murder mystery team. Encountering and uncovering a dastardly plot set in the swinging sixties where a beautiful blonde met her maker… read more

Devon Murder Mystery at Lewtrenchard Manor

Devon Murder Mystery

Lewtrenchard Manor in Devon. Devon Murder Mystery at The Manor! PC Bailey led the investigations into the dreadful murders that took place right in front of a number of very surprised but very happy and well entertained guests at the beautiful Lewtrenchard Manor in Devon on Friday night. Lewtrenchard Manor… read more